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Expert Virtual Assistants for your cleaning service.

We know how to help you right away!
key features


We want to know about your business needs.

Let's arrange a video or audio meeting and let us know about your current business practices. 

  • Let us know your specific needs.
  • We can recommend the best online platform that suits your business operation.
  • Our staff members speak English and Spanish.


Choose the service you need just as you want it.

Our service conditions are totally flexible and allow you just to hire the number of hours you really need and change it at any time.

  • Choose the hours you need.
  • Make changes to the weekly schedule on the run.

What we can do for you.

Even that our staff can adapt to your specific business and learn to use any new or custom platform you use. The following services are the most commonly required by our clients in the industry. 


Quotes and order processing.

  • Live quotes of your cleaning services, pricing options, sending a copy to the client's email.
  • Booking client’s cleanings. After giving a client their quote, we will guide them towards completing the process of booking with us, gathering all the relevant information and updating any schedules.
  • Charging your clients for their cleanings using Stripe® or any platform you choose. We take care of charging any modifications or extras services requested during the cleaning.


  • Designing flyers to post on Facebook® (job post): Each post has sufficient information for the applicant to know how to get in contact with us (Email, phone#, even job application).
  • Designing and updating Indeed® job postings: Throughout indeed is possible to run free campaigns that have proven to be efficient. This platform also allows for boosting campaigns for better results.
  • Searching for cleaning contractors in various platforms such as Craigslists® and Thumbtack®: It's a variation in which the first contact is made by our side, reaching and trying to make them interested in working with our company.
  • Contacting applicants: Once it's determined that an applicant meets certain expectations, the next step is to call them or even text them to start the process.
  • Phone screening: By doing this, we filter the candidates and assess whether or not they should pass to the next step. 
  • Video-interviews: After the phone screening, and if they passed the questions as expected, we proceed to meet the candidate through video-call, asking more deeper questions to ensure they will be a good fit for the company. 

Social media and digital marketing.

  • Managing the business social media and email marketing under a steady schedule.

Our staff are trained to use the following platforms:

Mailchimp logo.jpeg
launch27 logo.png

Mailchimp® is a registered trademark of The Rocket Science Group.

Launch27® is a registered trademark of Launch27 LLC.

ZenMaid® is a registered trademark of ZenMaid Inc.

Stripe® is a registered trademark of Stripe Inc.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Craigslist® is a registered trademark of Craigslist Inc.

Indeed® is a registered trademark of Indeed Inc.

Optional services include:

Website design or landing page design

(Using Wix platform) : 

- Design.

- Basic content.

- Google connection.

- Go Daddy domain.

- Wix hosting.

- Business Email.

- Content updates.

Social media management:

- Content creation & publishing.

- Ad campaign creation.

- Analytics.


- Google My Business.

- Backlinking (Content creation, research)
- Mailchimp campaigns.

- Campaign creation.

- Email checking.

- Analytics.

The best rate/hour.

Lower your costs and expand your business without limits.
Colleagues Working Together
Our offices are located in Caracas - Venezuela. Proudly working for businesses all around the world.
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