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Expert Bilingual Virtual Assistants for your Cleaning Business

We know how to help you right away!
key features

We want to know about your business needs

Let's arrange a video or audio meeting, and let us know about your current business practices. 

We can recommend the best online platform that suits your business operation.


Appointment Setting

Live quotes for your cleaning services, price options, and sending a copy to the client's email. Reservation of client cleanings.

Charge your clients for their cleanings using the platform of your choice.


Email & SMS Communication

Maintaining communication with clients and leads, sharing the proper information about our services, rates, availability, etc., in a timely fashion; by doing so, retaining clients, improving the image of the company, and increasing sales.



Choose the time-frame that works for you

Our service conditions are flexible and allow you to hire the number of hours you need and change it at any time.


Incoming / Outgoing Calls

Aiming to attract new clients, retain current ones, and resolve any questions or incidents they have. The service is carried out with professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency.


Customer Service

Dealing with queries, claims, and feedback from clients and leads. Providing personalized, fast, and efficient responses, solving any inconveniences from clients and staff throughout the day. Also, monitoring client satisfaction.

Schedule & Logistics

Planning, coordinating, and supervising the cleaning technicians’ tasks according to the needs and preferences of the company owner. Optimizing time, resources, and the quality of cleaning and guaranteeing compliance with safety regulations and insurance.




Designing and updating Indeed® job postings, contacting applicants, searching for cleaning contractors in various platforms such as Craigslists® and Thumbtack®, Video-interviews and Phone screening.

Our staff are trained to use the following platforms:

Mailchimp logo.jpeg
launch27 logo.png

If you use a different one, we'll get on board!

Mailchimp® is a registered trademark of The Rocket Science Group.

Launch27® is a registered trademark of Launch27 LLC.

ZenMaid® is a registered trademark of ZenMaid Inc.

Stripe® is a registered trademark of Stripe Inc.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Craigslist® is a registered trademark of Craigslist Inc.

Indeed® is a registered trademark of Indeed Inc.

Active Campaign® is a registered trademark of Active Campaign Inc.

Booking Koala® is a registered trademark of Booking Koala Inc.

Maid Central® is a registered trademark of Maid Central Inc. 

Optional services:

Website design or landing page design

(Using Wix platform) : 

- Design.

- Basic content.

- Google connection.

- Go Daddy domain.

- Wix hosting.

- Business Email.

- Content updates.

Social media management:

- Content creation & publishing.

- Ad campaign creation.


- Google My Business.

- Backlinking (Content creation, research)
- Mailchimp campaigns.

- Campaign creation.

- Email checking.

- Analytics.

Colleagues Working Together

The best overtime hourly rate for our registered clients.

Lower your costs and expand your business without limits.
Our offices are located in Caracas - Venezuela. Proudly working for businesses all around the world.

We would love to be part of your team!

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